About Candidate

Mr. Azmat Hussain is Highly Experienced tutor, highly qualified educator with a M.Phill in Physics and a wealth of experience spanning 4 years in teaching SSC, HSSC, and 2 years IGCSE and A-level Physics, and Mathematics. My teaching journey has taken me to various corners of the globe, including the Pakistan, and turkey, providing me with a diverse perspective on education. Currently based in Islamabad, I am committed to fostering a love for learning and empowering students to excel in their academic pursuits. My teaching philosophy revolves around personalized methods that instill confidence and critical thinking skills in each student. With a proven track record of academic success and a passion for creating a positive and engaging learning environment, I offer specialized tutoring services tailored to individual needs. If you are seeking a dedicated and experienced tutor to guide you through the complexities of these subjects, I am here to support you on your educational journey. Contact me  and let’s embark on a learning adventure together!

Summarized Profile

Azmat Hussain is a dedicated and accomplished individual who holds a Master of Philosophy in Physics. With over five years of teaching experience, Azmat specializes in imparting knowledge in physics and mathematics up to the bachelor level. His passion for education extends beyond geographical boundaries, as he actively engages in online teaching for students in Saudi Arabia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Azmat's commitment to fostering a deep understanding of complex subjects and his adaptability to online teaching platforms make him a valuable asset in the realm of education.

Classes Taught

Azmat Hussain is a highly experienced educator with a Master of Philosophy in Physics. With a teaching career spanning from grade 6 to grade 10, FS.c, IGCSE, A-levels, and BS levels, Azmat possesses a comprehensive understanding of various educational levels.

  • A level
  • O level
  • Edexcel
  • IB MYP
  • FSc
  • Class 9-10
Subjects taught
  • Physics
  • Mathematics,
  • English,
  • Computer Science.
Tutoring rates
  • 8000/ Subject from grade 6 to grade 10.
  • 15000/ Subject from grade 11 to grade 12.
  • 20,000/ Subject from grade 13 to grade 16.
Time Availability
  • From 1 pm to 10 pm

I have 4 years home tuition experience and also 5 years teaching experience at school, college and at University level. My students showed progress in their subjects and got great improvement in their final exam percentage.


IGCSE Cambridge Results

  • Murtaza Hassan A*
  • Abdul Rafay A
  • Mohsan Fatima Amjad A*
  • M. Hakim Ijaz B
  • Samina Suliman A
  • M. Qasim Asghar A*
  • M. Abdullah Shazada A
  • M. Saad ur Rahman A*
  • Faran Raheel Raja A
  • M. Fasieh ur Rehman A*
  • Sharjeel Ahmad B
  • Muhammad Ali Sher A
  • Huzaifa Ahmad A
  • Maria Nawaz A
  • Aqsa A*
  • Jannat sohail C
  • Mahnoor C
  • FSc
  • Abdur Rehman 917/1100
  • Muazzam Fazal 993/1100


  • Abdul Hanan Shahzad 1017/1100
  • Ayesha Shahzad 423/550
  • Overall 100% results
My A+ Achieving Strategy
  1. Understand the Syllabus:
    • Familiarize yourself with the A-levels maths and physics syllabus. Understand the topics, their weightage, and the depth of knowledge expected.
  2. Organize Study Material:
    • Break down the syllabus into manageable sections and create a study schedule. Allocate specific time slots for each topic to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  3. Active Learning:
    • Instead of passively reading through textbooks, engage in active learning. Solve problems, work on exercises, and apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios. Practice is crucial for mathematics and physics.
  4. Consistent Revision:
    • Regularly review previously learned material to reinforce your understanding. Consistent revision helps in retaining information for the long term.
  5. Seek Clarification:
    • Don't hesitate to ask questions. If you encounter difficulties, seek clarification from your teachers, classmates, or online resources. A strong foundation is essential for more advanced topics.
  6. Use Multiple Resources:
    • Supplement your textbooks with additional resources such as online tutorials, video lectures, and practice exams. Varied resources can provide different perspectives on the same topic.
  7. Time Management:
    • Develop strong time management skills. Allocate sufficient time to each subject based on the complexity and your understanding of the topics.
  8. Past Papers and Mock Exams:
    • Practice past papers and take mock exams under timed conditions. This helps you become familiar with the exam format and improves your time management during the actual exams.
Teaching methods
  1. Assessment of Student's Knowledge:
    • To begin by assessing student's current knowledge and understanding of the subject. Identify any gaps or areas that need improvement.
  2. Personalized Lesson Plans:
    • Develop personalized lesson plans based on the student's strengths, weaknesses, and learning style.
    • Focus on reinforcing foundational concepts before progressing to more advanced topics.
  3. Interactive Teaching:
    • Keep the class interactive. Encourage questions and discussions to ensure the student is actively engaged in the learning process.
    • Using visual aids, diagrams, and practical examples to make abstract concepts more tangible.
  4. Practice Sessions:
    • Allocate time for practice sessions where the student can work on problem-solving and numerical exercises.
    • Provide guidance and feedback during these sessions to enhance the student's problem-solving skills.
  5. Real-world Applications:
    • Emphasize the real-world applications of mathematical and physical principles. Relate concepts to everyday situations to make them more relatable and interesting.
  6. Use of Technology:
    • Integrate technology tools, educational apps, or online resources to supplement your teaching. Virtual simulations and interactive materials can enhance understanding.
  7. Continuous Assessment:
    • Conduct regular assessments, quizzes, or short tests to gauge the student's progress.
    • Use the results to adapt your teaching approach and address areas that need improvement.
tutor\'s specialty areas
  1. Diagnostic Assessment:
    • Begin with a thorough diagnostic assessment to identify the student's current understanding, strengths, and weaknesses in physics and mathematics.
  2. Customized Lesson Plans:
    • Develop customized lesson plans that cater to the specific needs of each student. Focus on reinforcing fundamental concepts and gradually progressing to more advanced topics.
  3. Problem-Solving Emphasis:
    • Place a strong emphasis on problem-solving techniques. Provide ample opportunities for students to practice and apply theoretical concepts to solve mathematical and physical problems.
  4. Real-world Applications:
    • Relate abstract concepts to real-world applications, especially in physics. Show how mathematical principles are applied in solving practical problems and understanding physical phenomena.
  5. Interactive Learning:
    • Keep the learning environment interactive. Encourage students to ask questions, engage in discussions, and participate actively in problem-solving sessions.
tutor\'s teaching philosophy.

Azmat Hussain - Physics and Mathematics Tutor I believe in fostering a student-centered learning environment where curiosity is nurtured, critical thinking is encouraged, and a deep understanding of fundamental concepts is prioritized. My teaching philosophy as a physics and mathematics tutor revolves around the following principles:

  1. Customized Learning Plans:
    • Recognizing that each student is unique, I design personalized learning plans tailored to individual strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. This approach ensures that every student receives the attention and support needed for their academic growth.
  2. Conceptual Mastery over Rote Learning:
    • I prioritize conceptual understanding over rote memorization. I believe that true mastery of physics and mathematics comes from grasping the underlying principles, fostering a lasting comprehension that goes beyond exam requirements.
  3. Active Engagement and Collaboration:
    • I create an interactive learning environment where students actively participate in discussions, problem-solving sessions, and collaborative activities. Engaging students in the learning process empowers them to take ownership of their education.
  4. Real-world Relevance:
    • I emphasize the real-world applications of mathematical and physical concepts. Connecting theories to practical scenarios not only enhances understanding but also instills an appreciation for the relevance of these subjects in everyday life.
  5. Problem-Solving Skills:
    • Central to my teaching philosophy is the development of strong problem-solving skills. I provide students with ample opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge to solve complex problems, preparing them for academic challenges and real-world applications.
  6. Adaptability and Flexibility:
    • Understanding that every student learns at their own pace, I maintain flexibility in my teaching methods. I adapt my approach to suit the evolving needs and progress of each student, ensuring a supportive and effective learning experience.
  7. Technological Integration:
    • Leveraging technology, I integrate simulations, visual aids, and online resources to enhance the learning experience. Technological tools provide additional avenues for exploration and engagement.
  8. Continuous Assessment and Feedback:
    • Regular assessments are conducted to gauge student progress, and constructive feedback is provided to guide their improvement. This iterative process ensures continuous learning and development.
  9. Motivational Support:
    • I believe in providing positive reinforcement and motivational support. Celebrating small victories and encouraging perseverance, I aim to instill confidence in students and foster a love for learning.
  10. Lifelong Learning Mentality:
    • Beyond academic achievements, I instill a lifelong learning mentality. I aim to inspire a curiosity that extends beyond the classroom, nurturing a passion for physics and mathematics that transcends formal education.
Suitable Areas
  • H sector Islamabad,
  • I Sector Islamabad,
  • G sector Islamabad,
  • Satellite town Rawalpindi,
  • Fazaia Colony Rawalpindi,
  • Murree road,
  • Saddar Rawalpindi etc.


Master of philosophy in Physics 2022
Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan

Thesis: Fabrication and Characterization of Ni-rich NMC Cathode materials for next generation Li-ion batteries. Courses: Electrodynamics-I, Quantum Mechanics-I, Mathematical Method of Physics I, Classical Mechanics, Advance Condense Matter Physics, Advance writing and research Methodology, Experimental Plasma Physics, Statistical Physics.

BS (Hons) 2020
Hazara University Mansehra, Pakistan

Thesis: Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO nanoparticles and their antimicrobial activity. Courses: Solid state physics, Electromagnetism, Mechanics and Optics, Electronics, Modern Physics, Nuclear Physics, Classical mechanics, Quantum mechanics, Mathematical physics, Thermal and Statistical Physics, Laser Physics, Electrodynamics, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Material sciences, Electronic material & Devices, etc.

Bachelor of Education (B.ed 1.5y) 2022
Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad

Field(s) of study: Teaching Methodology Final grade: 1271/1800 (A)

Work & Experience

lecturer March 2018 - March 2020
Khudija-tul-Kubra College Mansehra, Pakistan

To create a dynamic learning environment, delivering comprehensive lectures and interactive discussions to develop students' understanding of physics and mathematics concepts. Provide individualized attention, guidance, and support to students, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills through practical applications

Lecturer April 2020 - June 2021
APS&C Shinkiari Mansehra, Pakistan

To create a dynamic learning environment, delivering comprehensive lectures and interactive discussions to develop students' understanding of physics and mathematics concepts. Provide individualized attention, guidance, and support to students, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills through practical applications

Scientist August 2021 - Dec 2022
National Centre for Physics, Islamabad Pakistan

April 2021 – Nov 2022 (I was selected as a Hosted Researcher at National Center for Physics, Islamabad to carry out certain research projects, including my thesis project). I conducted my Master's dissertation. Besides, I completed two research projects, which are currently in the process of being published. Additionally, I authored a comprehensive review article focused on the NMC cathode materials series, presently undergoing the write-up process.

Visiting Lecturer Dec 2022 - Continue
FG Sir Sayed College Saddar Rawalpindi

Subjects Taught: “Mechanics-II, Solid-State Physics, Waves & Oscillations (Lab) To deliver engaging lectures, demonstrations, and provide guidance to enhance student’s knowledge about Physics. To foster a supportive learning environment and promote practical applications through hands-on experiments.

Lecturer March 2022 - Continue
Fazaia Inter college Nur khan Rawalpindi.

Subjects Taught: Cambridge Physics and Mathematics (O & A Levels). To create a dynamic learning environment, delivering comprehensive lectures and interactive discussions to develop students' understanding of physics and mathematics concepts. Provide individualized attention, guidance, and support to students, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills through practical applications.

Exam Superintendent in FBISE, Islamabad
Federal board Islamabad

I conducted last two exams as a supritendent.



Communications SKills
Softwares Skills
teaching Skills


Best Scientist award 2022
At National Centre for Physics i conducted research project under pakistan science foundation, and win the best scientist award from pakistan atomic energy commission.
Best tutor of the year 2023
Educationist announced Sir Azmat as best tutor of the year.