Dr Nasir Highly Experienced tutor

Cambridge Certified Tutor
PKR45000 / month
January 1, 1985

About Candidate

Dr Nasir Highly Experienced tutor, I am a highly qualified educator with a PhD in Mathematics and a wealth of experience spanning 15 years in teaching IGCSE and A-level Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. My teaching journey has taken me to various corners of the globe, including the UK, Pakistan, and China, providing me with a diverse perspective on education. Currently based in Hong Kong, I am committed to fostering a love for learning and empowering students to excel in their academic pursuits. My teaching philosophy revolves around personalized methods that instill confidence and critical thinking skills in each student. With a proven track record of academic success and a passion for creating a positive and engaging learning environment, I offer specialized tutoring services tailored to individual needs. If you are seeking a dedicated and experienced tutor to guide you through the complexities of these subjects, I am here to support you on your educational journey. Contact meΒ  and let’s embark on a learning adventure together!

Classes Taught
  • O Level Mathematics,
  • Physics and Chemistry
  • A Level Mathematics,
  • Physics and Chemistry
  • IB Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry
Subjects taught
  • Mathemematics,
  • Physics and Chemistry
Tutoring rates
  • IGCSE Rs. 30000/subject
  • A level Rs. 45000/subject
Time Availability
  • Evening
  1. M. Husnain - Parent from Pakistan "Dr. Nasir Mehmood has been an absolute blessing for our daughter's academic journey. His personalized approach to teaching and deep understanding of the subject matter have made a significant impact on her confidence in Mathematics Physics and Chemistry. The results speak for themselves – improved grades and a newfound enthusiasm for learning. My daughter is now studying in Scotland University.We are grateful to have such an experienced and dedicated tutor guiding our child.
  2. Sumra. - Former Student, now studying at King Edward Medical University "I had the privilege of being Dr. Nasir's student during my A-levels, and I can confidently say that he played a crucial role in shaping my academic success. His ability to break down complex concepts, coupled with his unwavering support, helped me not only excel in exams but also develop a genuine love for the Chemistry. Dr. Nasir goes above and beyond to ensure his students reach their full potential, and I am grateful for the impact he has had on my educational journey
  3. Noreen Imran - Parent from Canada "We were fortunate to have Dr. Nasir as our son's tutor during our time in Canada. His approach to teaching is not just about transferring knowledge but also nurturing a deep understanding of the subject matter. Dr. Nasir has a unique ability to connect with students, making the learning experience both enjoyable and effective. Our son's academic growth under his guidance has been outstanding."
  • Sumra is now in King Edward Medical University.
  • Fatima is studying at Scotland University.
  • Ali Imran is studying in University of Toronto, Canada.
My A+ Achieving Strategy

Sumra: Chmeistry A, Physics A
Ali Imran: Mathematics A, Physics
Fatima: Mathematics A, Physics A, Chemistry A

Teaching methods

I create customized learning plans for each student, addressing their strengths, weaknesses, and learning preferences. This ensures a targeted and efficient approach to mastering the curriculum.

Beyond rote memorization, I emphasize building a strong conceptual foundation. By connecting theoretical knowledge to real-world applications, students not only grasp the material but also develop a profound appreciation for the subject.

Learning is most effective when it's engaging. I incorporate interactive activities, practical examples, and problem-solving exercises to keep students actively involved in the learning process.

Continuous assessment is crucial for tracking progress. I provide regular assessments to identify areas for improvement and offer constructive feedback to guide students toward academic excellence.

tutor\'s specialty areas

With a rich academic background and 15 years of teaching experience, my specialization lies in guiding students through the intricacies of IGCSE and A-level Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. I bring expertise honed through years of successfully preparing students for these challenging subjects, ensuring a deep understanding of the curriculum.

I have a proven track record of helping students navigate the IGCSE curriculum in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. From foundational concepts to advanced topics, my tailored approach ensures comprehensive preparation for success in these subjects.

A-levels demand a higher level of proficiency, and my extensive experience equips students with the skills needed to excel. I cover the breadth and depth of the A-level syllabus, providing in-depth insights and fostering critical thinking in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

tutor\'s teaching philosophy.

As an educator with a profound passion for fostering academic growth, my teaching philosophy revolves around the core belief that every student is unique and possesses untapped potential waiting to be unlocked. With 15 years of experience specializing in IGCSE and A-level Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, I am committed to inspiring excellence through a personalized and holistic approach to education.

I place the student at the center of the learning experience. Recognizing that each individual has a distinct learning style and pace, I tailor my teaching methods to cater to their specific needs, ensuring a comprehensive and enjoyable learning journey.

A solid understanding of foundational concepts is paramount. I prioritize building a strong foundation in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, enabling students to grasp advanced topics with confidence and ease.

Beyond memorization, my goal is to cultivate critical thinking skills. I encourage students to question, analyze, and apply knowledge to real-world scenarios, preparing them not only for exams but also for success in future academic and professional endeavors.

Suitable Areas
  • Online


Ph.D In Mathematics 2018
London UK

Work & Experience

High School Teacher August 2022 - In progress
BFSU Hong Kong

Developed and put into practice interesting lesson plans that complemented the IGCSE and A-level mathematics curricula. Providing reports on student performance and progress. Setting assessments, marking, and providing timely feedback to students and school leadership. Taking part in the school’s appraisal program. Observing the teaching of others/being observed and providing a demo classes. Undertaking/offering professional development training/projects. CIE Exam Invigilator



Subject Mastery,Personalized Teaching,Effective Communication,Critical Thinking Development,Global Teaching Experience,Exam Preparation