Chemistry Lecturer
PKR70000 / month
September 4, 1998

About Candidate

The duties of a chemistry teacher include creating lesson plans; preparing and delivering lectures; creating and supervising laboratory activities for students; evaluating student performance; maintaining classroom records; meeting with parents, teachers, and other professionals; and participating in campus events.

Summarized Profile

Classes Taught

I taught 9th&10th.

I also taught O&A level classes.

Subjects taught

I taught Math, Physics& Chemistry in 9th&10th.

I taught Chemistry in inter classes.

I also taught Chemistry in O&A level classes.

Tutoring rates
  1. 25000-40000
Time Availability





Alhamdulillah recently my student got 100% marks in Chemistry in 9th class & one of my student got 99% marks in FSc.

My A+ Achieving Strategy

I gave lecture and after my lecture I discuss my lecture as a question answer session to students.

And from very next day first I revise my previous lesson then I can start my lecture.

I daily took test from students rather it is in form of oral or written.

Teaching methods
tutor\'s specialty areas

Rawalpindi Dhok Kala khan

Rawalpindi Saddar and cantt area

Islamabad DHA including all sectors

Bahrain Islamabad

tutor\'s teaching philosophy.
  • Be sincere and unique
  • Avoid clichés, especially ones about how much passion you have for teaching.
  • Be humble
  • Mention students in an enthusiastic, not condescending way, and illustrate your willingness to learn from your students and colleagues.
Suitable Areas


MSc Chemistry 2022
Bahauddin Zakriya University

I completed my master's from Bahauddin Zakriya University by securing 70% marks.

Work & Experience

Chemistry Lecturer 01-09-2022 - 15-08-23
Punjab Group of Colleges

I served as a chemistry lecturer. I completed my second year syllabus and revised the whole syllabus in time. Almost 70% of students got 80% above marks.

Chemistry lecturer 02-01-21 - 04-06-22
Central College

I did job as a lecturer chemistry.