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Munawar Zaman

Classes Taught
  • A level
  • O level
  • FSc
  • Class 9-10
  • Pre 9th
  • Pre O level
  • Class 1-8
Subjects taught
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Science
Tutoring rates
  • 25,000
Time Availability
  • After 2pm


1. From Frustration to Fascination:

"Physics used to be my arch-nemesis, but Sir Munawar Zaman turned it into a thrilling adventure. His deep knowledge and infectious passion ignited a spark in me, making even the toughest concepts click. Under his patient guidance, I not only aced my O-levels but also developed a genuine love for physics. Thank you, Sir, for transforming my frustration into fascination!" - Ayesha Ahmed, F Sector, Islamabad

2. From Confusion to Confidence:

"Sir Munawar Zaman's magic touch unlocked the mysteries of physics for me. His ability to simplify complex topics and cater to individual needs is truly remarkable. He not only helped me overcome my academic challenges but also instilled a newfound confidence in my abilities. Thanks to his exceptional guidance, I conquered my FSc exams with flying colors." - Fatima Khan, Online Class

3. A Mastermind of Engagement:

"Sir Munawar Zaman is not just a physics tutor; he's a master of engagement. His electrifying teaching style and personalized approach make learning dynamic and stimulating. Every lesson feels like an exciting exploration, not a tedious chore. With his support and encouragement, I'm soaring towards success in my A-levels." - Sana Malik, G Sector, Islamabad

4. From Struggle to Stride:

"For someone who always stumbled in physics, Sir Munawar Zaman has been a lifesaver. His unwavering dedication to his students and his belief in their potential are truly inspiring. He patiently guided me through the maze of concepts, building my understanding step by step. Today, I not only grasp the subject but can confidently stride towards my academic goals." - Sara Ahmed, I Sector, Islamabad

5. Bridging the Gap:

"Sir Munawar Zaman's passion for physics is contagious. He builds a bridge between complex theories and practical application, making the subject come alive. His ability to connect with students on a personal level and his commitment to their growth make him a standout educator. I'm grateful for his support and highly recommend him to anyone seeking to unlock the magic of physics." - Ali Hassan, Online Class


tutor\'s specialty areas
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
Suitable Areas
  • Islamabad
    • G Sector
    • F Sector
    • I Sector
  • Online Class


MS (PHYSICS) 2012-14
IIUI Islamabad

MS (PHYSICS) 1st IIUI Islamabad 2012-14

M.Sc (PHYSICS) 2006-2008
HAZARA University

M.Sc (PHYSICS) 1st HAZARA University 2006-08

B.Sc 2004-05
HAZARA University

B.Sc 1st HAZARA University 2004-05

F.Sc 2003-04
BISE Abbottabad

F.Sc 2nd BISE Abbottabad 2003-04

S.Sc 2001
BISE Abbottabad

S.Sc 1st BISE Abbottabad 2001

DIT 2003-04
PESHAWAR Technical Board

DIT 1st PESHAWAR Technical Board 2003-04

B.Ed 2009-10
A.I.O.U Islamabad

B.Ed 1st A.I.O.U Islamabad 2009-10

Work & Experience

Lecturer Physics 01 Year 3 Months
MIPS & College Mansehra.

01 Year 3 Months Teaching Experience in MIPS & College Mansehra.

Lecturer of Physics 01 Year 3 Months
Sky International School And College

01 Year 3 Months Working as a Lecturer of Physics in Sky International School And College Mansehra.

lecturer 01 year
IMCB F-8/4 Islamabad

01 year work as a lecturer in IMCB F-8/4 Islamabad

lecturer 1 year 3 months

1 year 3 months work as a lecturer in INDUS GROUP OF COLLEGE Rawalpindi.

lecturer 01 –September - 2012 - till date
Punjab college F-8/4 Islamabad

Recently work as a lecturer in Punjab college F-8/4 Islamabad from 01 –September - 2012 to till date. Responsibilities:  Prepare lessons, making them as interesting as possible  Prepare homework, assignments and assessment  Research information to ensure the knowledge they impart is current  Conduct parent-teacher interviews  Provide a sounding board (for both students and teachers) and allow for open discussion


Experienced tutor


Best tutor Award 2023
Punjab College