I have the ability to satisfy the student with my teaching skills.
PKR30000 / month
December 25, 2000

About Candidate

Good teachers are life-long learners dedicated to the academic development of students. They typically continue their own education to further develop their methods and skills. In seeking to become a strong teacher, you should look to build and hone the following characteristics:

Effective goal-setting
Clear communication
Acting as a role model
Adaptability and flexibility
Life-long learning
Promoting a love of learning

So I am the one Named Museera Zahid who teach students with my excellence commands and with great qualities.

Summarized Profile

I am done bs in optometry, have 5 years experience in teaching career.

Classes Taught

I will teach class 5, 6,7,8,9,10

Subjects taught

I will teach maths, science, english , biology, urdu.

Tutoring rates

I will pay monthly. Per subject i will charge 4000.

Time Availability

I will available at morning 10-3pm


I have got a great satisfaction level from my studentsparents. I have to proof you with only first 2 days of my initiative class.


Alhumdulillah In my 5 years of experience, My students maintain 80% above percentage. marks and positions doesnt matter, concept clearence is very important.

My A+ Achieving Strategy

My strategy is to build the student mind to think critical , analyza and then interpret how i manage and balance the syllabus, in this scenerio i will thoroughly guiide the student.

Teaching methods

My teaching method is totally based on conceptual based working.

tutor\'s specialty areas

helping in homework, preperaing syllabus thoroughly.

tutor\'s teaching philosophy.

you can share each and every problem relating to studies. I am openly guide you.

Suitable Areas

online available.



proficiency in teaching
understanding ability
solving student problem
Clear communication
Promoting a love of learning
Adaptability and flexibility