About Candidate

I am a self-motivated person with a interest in teaching and enthusiastic about it. I have experience of 4-5 both online and home tutoring Services of Matric , Intermediate A and O levels including different subjects Like Psychology, Sociology , English and Other subjects Including Biology and Business Administration.


Summarized Profile

I'm Miss. Shanzah Wiqar , an enthusiastic educator holding a Mphil degree in Psychology. With over 6 years of teaching experience, I'm dedicated to set alight academic brilliance.Specialized in IGCSE/A-Level Psychology  and Sociology , I've taught different students to remarkable success, including securing A* grades in Cambridge A Level exams. My mission is simple:" Enable students to claim their A*". I foster a vibrant learning environment. I cater to various areas in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, ensuring quality home/Online tutoring or engaging online classes in Bahria Town, DHA, F6, F-7, F-8, F-10, F11, E7-E11, G6-G13, H8-H14, I-8-I14, Askari, Naval, PWD, Media Town, Gulraiz, Saddar, Adiala, Chak Shahzad, and Chaklala.

Motive is to enable students and ensure them to secure excellent academic success  to  obtain better performance in their exams. 

Classes Taught
  1. O Level Psychology
  2. O Level Sociology
  3. AS Level Psychology
  4. AS Level Sociology
  5. Biology (Matric and   F.S.C)
  6. Physics  (Matric and   F.S.C)
  7. Chemistry  (Matric and   F.S.C)
Subjects taught

Experienced teacher in teaching the following subjects:-

  1. Cambridge International As and A Level Psychology
  2.  Cambridge International As and A Level Sociology
  3.  F.S.c Pre-Medical (Biology , Physics , Chemistry)
  4. Matric (Including science subjects)
Tutoring rates

My tutoring fee is Rs. 45000 per month . It will include 1.5 hour class from Monday till Friday (in case of exams or  extra classes needed weekend classes can be arranged as well). To cover subjects such as AS level Psychology , AS level Sociology , or a combination of a. This duration encompasses the syllabus along with the practice of past papers.

Time Availability

Time constraints are not an issue; students, parents, and teachers can collaboratively decide on suitable timings. This flexibility ensures smooth and convenient classes without any hindrance

Teaching methods
  • Subject knowledge is being delivered through use of pin board if online otherwise proper notes , assignments and lecture wise notes will be provided to the student.
  • Past papers will be given to the student and proper feedback will be shared with the parents on weekly basis.
  • Teaching methodology includes syllabus coverage on time. My tailored materials including notes,¬†slides,¬†quizzes, various¬†practice questions, a¬†databank¬†of¬†multiple-choice questions (MCQs), and educational¬†YouTube videos, are specifically designed to support students in their studies. These resources are organized in a way that allows students to practice and grasp concepts in a¬†step-by-step¬†manner. The goal is to help students achieve their desired grades¬†efficiently¬†and¬†effectively.
  • These resources have proven to be invaluable in aiding students' understanding and preparation for exams. Whether students need assistance with¬†test preparation,¬†homework help, or enrichment¬†in¬†Cambridge AS & A Level Psychology , my comprehensive material and teaching approach are aimed to cater to their specific needs. Students can benefit from these resources to enhance their understanding of Economics and excel in their academic pursuits.


tutor\'s specialty areas

Subject knowledge is being delivered through use of pin board if online otherwise proper notes , assignments and lecture wise notes will be provided to the student.



tutor\'s teaching philosophy.
  • I¬† believe in the principle that anything is attainable in which you set your mind to .Success comes with¬† greatness and if¬† are willing to put in the effort it¬† becomes attainable. Each individual possesses unique strengths and capabilities. By combining your determination with my expertise, we can work together to unlock your full potential.
  • My aim is to work on full potential and bring out the best in the students. I aim to create an interesting learning environment where students feel motivated to learn and grow. Through a collaborative effort, we can navigate through academic challenges, enabling you to achieve your desired dreams and academic aspirations.
  • Success becomes easy for those only those who work for it.
Suitable Areas

F-6, F-7, F-8, F-9, F-10, F-11, F-17, F-18, G-5, G-6, G-7, G-8, G-9, G-10, G-11, G-12, G-13, G-14, G-15, G-16,  H-8, H-9, H-10, H-11, H-12, H-13, H-14, H-15, H-16, H-17, H-18, I-8, I-9, I-10, I-11, I-12, I-13, I-14, I-15, I-16, I-17, I-18, Bahria Town, DHA, E-7, E-11, Blue Area, PWD Housing Scheme, Soan Garden, Gulberg Islamabad, Naval Anchorage, Pakistan Town, Media Town, Top City 1, Jinnah Gardens, Faisal Town.


Mphill Clinical Psychology 2016-2020
Quaid-e- azam University, Islamabad

Department of Psychology, Social Sciences Quaid-e- azam University, Islamabad Major subject: Applied psychology

FSc Pre-Medical 2013
Punjab College

Higher secondary certificate FSc Pre-Medical Punjab College Burewala Major Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Divisional Public School

Matriculation exam Divisional Public School, Burewala Major subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics

BS Honors Psychology 2020
Preston University

Completed BS Honors in Psychology from Preston University Islamabad

Work & Experience

Subject Specialist In Academy 22nd January 2022 - 5th September 2022
Zawiya academy

Worked as subject specialist In Zawiya Academy and prepared the students for better results. Ensured the guarantee of results and students performance specifically. Also worked as manager and time table incharge of academy. Full grip on past papers and subject knowledge along with previous teaching experience of the relevant subjects.

Subject teacher at Allied School 1st Feburay 2021 - 27th July 2021
Allied School

Taught different classes along with extra co-curricular activities enabling students to secure good marks in their examination including matric and junior classes. Worked as senior teacher and Enables students to secure grades along with conceptual learning and methods to improve their marks

Female home tutor for O/A Level 22nd March 2023 - 5th April 2023
Home tuition

Taugh 2 students of A and O levels scored very good results with subjects including: 1. Sociology 2. Psychology 3. English


Teaching experience of ¬†(English ,physics, Urdu, Islamiyat , Biology and Science of Class 1-10 Ôā∑ Teaching experience of ¬†(English , Urdu , Islamiyat , Pak- studies ¬†Biology and Science of Class 11-12 Ôā∑ Teaching experience of online/offline tuitions Ôā∑ Work experience of teaching GAT,NAT NTS,(English and analytical) Home tuition and academy as well Ôā∑ Work experience of teaching ¬†entry test (premedical and pre -Eng. ) (English) Ôā∑ 6 Months internship at Benazir Bhutto Hospital Rawalpindi


Paper Solving Guidance: Skills In Guiding Students On How To Solve Exam Papers, Providing Strategies And Practice Sessions To Enhance Their Exam-Taking Abilities.
Physical And Mental Fitness Support:Ability To Assist Students In Performing Exercises That Aid In Maintaining Physical And Mental Alertness, Contributing To Better Focus During Class And Exams.
Holistic Academic Support: Offering Comprehensive Assistance To Students By Not Only Focusing On Academic Knowledge But Also Nurturing Their Analytical, Evaluative, And Motivational Skills.
Use of different Psychological Strategies In order to help student better understand the knowledge and perform better