About Candidate

Sidra Humayoun, I have an experience in all above  mentioned subject

  1. I gave online classes to O and A Level students, also having an experience of home tutions
  2. With a wealth of experience teaching spoken English to a diverse range of international students, I am dedicated to equipping learners with the linguistic tools needed for effective communication in a globalized world.
Summarized Profile

As a passionate and dedicated educator with 8 years of experience, I specialize in teaching O/A Levels and FSC, providing students with a solid foundation for academic success. My commitment to fostering a positive and engaging learning environment has consistently resulted in improved student performance.

Classes Taught

Grade 4 to 8

O and A level

Grade 9 and 10


Subjects taught




Spoken English


Tutoring rates

Minimum 50,000 pkr per month

Time Availability

I always cooperate with the student timings.

My A+ Achieving Strategy

Effective time management, consistent study habits, and making student to understand the exam format.

Break down topics, create a study schedule, make them practice past papers, and gave clarification on any challenging concepts.

Teaching methods
  1. Keen of collaborative learning
  2. Integrate real-world examples and practical applications of concepts to make the learning experience more relevant and meaningful for students.
  3. Implement a mix of assessments, including projects, presentations, and exams, to evaluate different skills and ensure a comprehensive understanding of the material.
  4. Complete the course and repeat it again for the best preparation.
tutor\'s specialty areas

Prepare the students before the test or exams date issuance

Help them to improve their answers according to the requirements

Teach them how to attempt exam

Subject like physics include our daily life matters a lot so, gave them examples from their daily routine to make them understand better­

tutor\'s teaching philosophy.


  1. I aim to not only impart knowledge but also to empower students by building their confidence and promoting independent.
  2. Incorporating real-world examples and applications into lessons helps students see the practical relevance of the concepts they are learning.
  3. Gave them time to learn from their mistakes
  4. Convey the importance of fostering a love for learning that extends beyond the immediate academic context, encouraging students to become lifelong learners.
  5. Teach them how to answer a question to opt full marks.
Suitable Areas
  • Islamabad
    • F-7
    • F-8
    • F-10
    • F-11
    • G-10
    • G-9
    • F-8


Bachelors in Economics and Finance 2012-2016
Quid-e-azam University

Achieved degree with good grades Involved in extra curricular activities Speech competition Play writing and performance Volley ball player

English Language course 2020

To enhance proficiency in all aspects of English: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The curriculum includes grammar and vocabulary building, literature analysis, and communication exercises. Emphasis on practical usage and interactive activities promotes effective language acquisition. The course aims to improve both written and verbal communication skills, fostering confidence and fluency in English.

Work & Experience

Full time teacher 2- Feb- 2017 - 30- Nov- 2022
Mellinnium Roots school

Skilled in developing curriculum, fostering student participation, and employing innovative teaching methods. Demonstrated ability to adapt teaching strategies to diverse student needs while maintaining a supportive and inclusive classroom atmosphere.


O level student result November 2021
Straight 3 A's in my subjects.