About Candidate

Syed Saqlain Ali Naqvi. As a devoted Geophysicist, my fervent passion for education and my unyielding work ethic enable me to empower and inspire future learners. My profound admiration for the intricacies and magnificence of the natural world provides me with a distinctive viewpoint that instills a profound appreciation for knowledge and encourages students to explore their own capabilities. With my collaborative approach, excellent communication skills, and a wealth of experience in the field, I am confident that I can make a significant and long-lasting impact on the lives of my students. I believe that by creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment, I can foster curiosity and inspire students to pursue their goals with confidence and conviction.

Summarized Profile

As a seasoned geophysicist, I bring a unique and dynamic approach to teaching physics, maths, chemistry, and biology to O levels and FSc students. My method is characterized by efficiency and a deep understanding of the subjects, making complex concepts accessible and engaging. Through my extensive background in geophysics, I seamlessly weave real-world applications into lessons, fostering a comprehensive understanding. My students not only excel in examinations but also develop a profound appreciation for the interconnectedness of scientific disciplines. With a commitment to creating an enriching educational experience, I instill a passion for learning and critical thinking, equipping students with the tools they need to succeed academically and beyond.

Classes Taught
  1. O levels
  2. F.Sc
  3. Matric
  4. Grade 5 to 8
Subjects taught
  1. Physics
  2. Mathematics
  3. Chemistry
  4. Biology
  5. Geography
  6. History
  7. Environmental Management
  8. Geology
Tutoring rates
  1. O levels Per Subject approximately 10k
  2. FSc Per Subject approximately 8k
  3. Matric Per Subject approximately 6k

This can really variate depending upon the academic condition of student and other factors.

Time Availability
  1. From 5 PM to onward

The bond between a teacher and a student extends beyond textbooks; a teacher should serve as a mentor, excelling not only in their subject but also guiding their students toward a successful life. I have been fortunate to encounter such inspiring educators who have fueled my aspiration to become a remarkable teacher. Consequently, I have endeavored to emulate their approach. Consequently, my students not only excel in their subjects but also possess the skills to thrive in a competitive environment. I prioritize not just academic mastery but also mentorship, aiming to shape well-rounded individuals equipped for success.


I helped one of my O-level student to reach 88% as he was on 55% initially.

Teaching methods

I imploy a straightforward teaching approach. Initially, I ensure my students grasp the foundational knowledge related to the topic at hand. From there, I delve into the basics, progressively advancing their understanding to more complex levels. Finally, I connect the concepts to real-life examples, enhancing comprehension. For instance, when teaching Magnetism, I commence with the origin, exploring the orbital spin theory to provide a more accessible and comprehensive understanding.

tutor\'s teaching philosophy.

To share my love of science with my pupils.

Suitable Areas
  1. G-13
  2. G-14
  3. G-15
  4. F-15
  5. Tarnoul
  6. Fizaia
  7. Faisal Town


Geophysics 2023
Quaid-e-Azam University

My passion for physics and fascination with the universe, including our planet's role in it, led me to pursue Geophysics, an application of physics in geology. I relished every aspect of my studies, inspiring me to share this knowledge first with peers and later with students. Although I concluded my degree with a 3.6 cumulative GPA, But my learning journey continues. I strive to learn daily and inspire others to do the same.

Work & Experience

Tutor 01-10-2021 - Present
Home Tutoring

As a passionate and dedicated educator, I have been teaching PHYSICS, MATHEMATICS, CHEMISTRY, and BIOLOGY to O Levels for the past two years, while Mathematics and physics to FSc students for 2.5 years, instilling a love of learning and intellectual curiosity in my students. By creating an inclusive and engaging environment that prioritizes critical thinking and problem-solving skills, I have helped my students achieve outstanding academic results while fostering their personal growth and development. My teaching style emphasizes interactive and collaborative learning, enabling students to actively participate in their education and develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter. I have effectively stimulated and inspired students to explore the fascinating world of science and mathematics. Overall, my wealth of experience, my passion for teaching, and my commitment to creating an inclusive and stimulating learning environment make me an ideal candidate for any educational institution seeking a dynamic and results-driven educator.

Physics and Mathematics Teacher 01-05-2020 - 01-05-2021
Al-Suffah Grammar School

As an experienced educator, I have taught physics and mathematics in a school setting, imparting a deep appreciation for the fundamental principles of these subjects to my students. With a collaborative approach that emphasizes student engagement and critical thinking, I have effectively guided my pupils towards a deeper understanding of these subjects, enabling them to excel both academically and in their personal lives.

Geoscientist 01-08-2023 - Present
Goldensun Petroleum Services & Technology

I'm working here as internee.