Uzair Jamil

October 22, 1992

About Candidate

O/A Level tutor in Islamabad-Rawalpindi
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Summarized Profile
  1. Sir Uzair Jamil: Expert Tutor in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Science : My name is Uzair Jamil, and I hold a Master's degree. I am a dedicated educator specializing in teaching students from the junior level up to FSc, O/A level, ADP and BS. My teaching expertise spans across subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and general science. Through unwavering commitment and diligent effort, I consistently achieve commendable results in my teaching endeavors. I take pride in the accomplishments of my students, and I am delighted to share the achievements of some of them who have secured more than 90% marks: Talha Khan, Maria, Rehman Their success is a testament to the effectiveness of my teaching approach, coupled with their hard work., My teaching specialization encompasses a wide range of academic levels, including Class 1-8, Pre 9th-10th, FSC, ICS, FA, and ICOM. Additionally, I have expertise in teaching the O Level Science Group and A Level Mathematics. I offer my tutoring services for both home-based and online learning. The areas I cover include Gulberg Green, Bahria Town, Chaklal Garrison, Saddar, Chaklala Scheme 3, Commercial market Rawalpindi and Sector I/8, G8, G9, G10, F7, F8, F9, F10 Islamabad. My operational base is situated in Islamabad-Rawalpindi. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to nurturing academic excellence, I am dedicated to guiding students in their journey towards success in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and science.
Classes Taught
  • BS
  • ADP
  • A level
  • O level
  • Class 9-10
  • Grade 1-8
Subjects taught
  • Mathematics
    • Calculus
    • Linear Algebra
    • Numerical Analysis
    • Group Theory
    • Mechanics
    • vector
    • A level Mathematics - Further 9231 home-online tutors in Islamabad-Rawalpindi
    • A level Mathematics 9709 home-online tutors in Islamabad-Rawalpindi
    • FSC Mathematics home-online tutors in Islamabad-Rawalpindi
    • Class 9-10 Mathematics home-online tutors in Islamabad - Rawalpindi
    • Class 1-8 Mathematics tutors in Islamabad-Rawalpindi
  •  Physics
      • A level Physics 9702 home-online tutors in Islamabad-Rawalpindi
      • Class 9-10 Physics home-online tutors in Islamabad - Rawalpindi
      • IGCSE Physics 0625 home-online tutors in Islamabad-Rawalpindi
      • IGCSE Physics 9-1 0972 home-online tutors in Islamabad-Rawalpindi
      • O level Physics 5054 home-online tutors in Islamabad-Rawalpindi
Tutoring rates
  • ADP/BS level 30,000 per subject
  • A level 25,000 Per subject
  • O level 20,000 Per Subject
  • FSC fee 15,000 per subject
  • Class 9-10 Fee 10,000 per subject
Time Availability


  1. A Level Student: "Sir Uzair's expertise in mathematics and physics is unparalleled. His clear explanations, strategic approach, and dedication to student success helped me excel in my A Level exams. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking top-notch tutoring!"
  2. O Level Parent: "Choosing Sir Uzair as our child's O Level tutor was a wise decision. His commitment to excellence, combined with his deep subject knowledge, ensured our child's success. We're grateful for his guidance and highly recommend him to all O Level students!"
  3. IGCSE Student: "Studying with Sir Uzair was a game-changer for me. His ability to simplify complex concepts, coupled with his personalized attention, made learning enjoyable and effective. Thanks to him, I achieved outstanding results in my IGCSE exams!"
  4. Pre O Level Parent: "Sir Uzair's dedication to his students' success is truly commendable. His structured approach, comprehensive study materials, and encouragement helped our child build a strong academic foundation. We're confident in recommending him to other Pre O Level students!"
  5. FSc Student: "Sir Uzair's guidance and support were invaluable during my FSc journey. His in-depth understanding of the curriculum, coupled with his effective teaching methods, helped me achieve excellent grades. I highly recommend him to all FSc students!"
  6. Mathematics Enthusiast: "Studying mathematics with Sir Uzair was a transformative experience. His passion for the subject, coupled with his ability to simplify complex topics, helped me overcome challenges and develop a deeper understanding. I'm grateful for his expertise!"
  7. Physics Enthusiast: "Sir Uzair's expertise in physics is unmatched. His clear explanations, practical examples, and emphasis on conceptual understanding made physics enjoyable and accessible. I owe my success in physics to his guidance!"
  8. Class 9 Parent: "Sir Uzair's impact on our child's academic journey has been remarkable. His patient demeanor, personalized approach, and commitment to student success helped our child build confidence and excel in Class 9. We highly recommend him to all parents!"
  9. Mechanical Engineering Aspirant: "Sir Uzair's guidance was instrumental in preparing me for a career in mechanical engineering. His strong foundation in mathematics and physics, coupled with his practical insights, prepared me for the challenges ahead. I highly recommend him to all engineering aspirants!"
  10. A Level Mathematics Student: "Studying mathematics with Sir Uzair was a rewarding experience. His deep understanding of the subject, coupled with his ability to explain complex concepts clearly, helped me achieve excellent results in my A Level exams. I couldn't have asked for a better tutor!"
  11. Class 10 Student: "Sir Uzair's supportive and encouraging approach made Class 10 a breeze for me. His structured lessons, effective study materials, and regular assessments ensured my success in Class 10 exams. I highly recommend him to all Class 10 students!"
  12. FSc Physics Student: "Thanks to Sir Uzair's guidance, physics became one of my strongest subjects. His expertise, dedication, and personalized coaching helped me overcome challenges and achieve outstanding results in my FSc exams. I'm truly grateful for his support!"
  13. IGCSE Mathematics Student: "Sir Uzair's expertise in teaching mathematics is exceptional. His patient guidance, clear explanations, and focus on problem-solving skills helped me excel in my IGCSE mathematics exam. I highly recommend him to all IGCSE students!"
  14. A Level Physics Student: "Studying physics with Sir Uzair was a transformative experience. His passion for the subject, coupled with his expertise and dedication, helped me develop a deep understanding and achieve excellent grades in my A Level exams. I can't thank him enough!"
  15. Class 8 Student: "Sir Uzair's friendly demeanor and engaging teaching style made learning enjoyable for me. His ability to break down
  1. 9th: Osaid - 95%
  2. 7th: Ibraheem - 88%
  3. 10th: Saad - 85%
  4. A level: Maria - 94%
  5. A level: Talha - 91%
  6. Ics: Abu Bakar - 94%
  7. Fsc: Ayesha - 96%
  8. 11th: Haseeb - 92%
  9. O level: Kamran - 89%
  10. A level: Abdul Rehman - 98%
  11. O level: Zubair - 91%
  12. 5th: Faizan - 87%
  13. 7th: Majeed - 91%
  14. Fsc: Shoaib - 93%
  15. Secured 93% in SSC & 95.5% in HSSC Malik Haseeb shaukat
Suitable Areas

Media Town, Naval Anchorage, PWD, Bahria Town Phase 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8, E7-E8-E9-E10-E11 Islamabad, F6-F7-F8-F10-F11 Islamabad, G5- G6-G7-G8-G9-G10 Islamabad,H8-H9-H10-H11 Islamabad, i8 Islamabad, Old Airport Housing Society Rawalpindi, Gulberg Greens Islamabad, Sadar Rawalpindi, Commercial market Rawalpindi, 6th road Rawalpindi


MS/MPhil Applied Mathematics 2021
International Islamic University Islamabad
MSC Mathematics 2018
International Islamic University Islamabad
BSC Double Math and Physics 2015
University of Punjab
B.ED 2021
Allama Iqbal Open University
FSC 2012
Government College
Matric 2010
Government School

Work & Experience

Senior Mathematics, Physics Teacher 2018 - 2020
Mr. Cabin School System
Mathematics Teacher 2020 - 2021
Roots International School
Lecturer Mathematics (BS Level) 2021 - Till
Islamabad Postgraduate college Islamabad
Virtual Online Teacher 2019 - Till


Journey to Transformation 2017
Award winning by Best selling Author NAUMAN khan Azeemi based in Chicago illnoice USA
Award winning by organizing the Gaming event