About Candidate

Experienced home and online tutor.Home tutor in G9,G6,G8,I9,I8,Islamabad. An online tutor at national and international levels.

Summarized Profile

I am a passionate and dedicated experienced science teacher. I have 6 years of experience in giving tutoring services. I take an interest in this profession. I am providing home tuition in the G9, G6, G8, I9, and I8 sectors of Islamabad and Rawalpindi I work in Faizabad and Shamsbad as well as providing online tuition services. I am an expert in the Cambridge and Oxford syllabus.

I teach preschool, Montessori, playgroup, primary secondary, and intermediate level classes as well as exposure to O-level classes. I teach the subjects like Biological Sciences, English, Mathematics, and course of Graphic Gesigning.


Classes Taught
  • Pre School
  • Montessori, Playgroup
  • Nursery, KG, PREP
  • Grades 1-8
  • Pre-O level
  • Grade 9
  • Grade 10
  • Intermediate
Subjects taught
  • Preschool, Montessori  all subjects
  • From grade 1 to grade 8 I can teach all subjects.
  • Grades 9 and 10 prefer subjects (Biology and Chemistry)
  • Pre-O-Level ( Biology and Chemistry)
  • Intermediate (Biology)
Tutoring rates
  • 20,000 fee per class
Time Availability
  • From 3pm to 7pm

Parents Testimonial

  1. Haider's Parents: I am writing to express my utmost gratitude and appreciation for the exceptional guidance and mentorship provided by Miss Zunariya during my time in her class. As a student under her tutelage, I have experienced unparalleled growth, both academically and personally. She possesses a rare combination of expertise, passion, and dedication that truly sets her apart as an educator. Her deep knowledge of the subject matter is evident in her ability to explain complex concepts with clarity and enthusiasm.
  2. Abeeha's Parents: Miss Zunariya is more than just a teacher; she is a mentor, a role model, and a source of inspiration. Her enthusiasm for teaching is evident in every lesson, as she brings the subject matter to life with engaging activities and real-world examples. She creates a supportive and inclusive classroom environment where every student feels valued and empowered to succeed. She goes out of her way to provide personalized feedback and encouragement, motivating us to reach our full potential. I am truly grateful for her dedication and guidance, which have had a profound impact on my learning and personal growth.


My A+ Achieving Strategy

Here are  my effective key strategies for A+ success;

Set Clear Goals: The first thing is we need to define specific, achievable goals for each subject or assignment. Having a clear target helps to stay focused and motivated.

Effective Planning:* Prioritize tasks, create a study schedule, and allocate time wisely for studying homework, and leisure activities. Use tools like planners or digital calendars to organize your time effectively.

Active Participation:* Actively engage in class discussions, ask questions, and seek clarification from teachers when needed. Taking thorough notes during lectures helps in retaining information.

Being Enthusiastic: * Find intrinsic motivation by connecting your academic goals to your interests and long-term aspirations. Celebrate small achievements along the way to keep yourself motivated.

*Seek Feedback:* Actively seek feedback from teachers or peers on your work. Use constructive criticism to identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments

Teaching methods

I always provide helping notes to students in case of any confusion. Fostering the group discussion to encourages students to share their perspectives, ask questions, and debate ideas. This promotes critical thinking and helps students develop communication skills. Actively engage students in class participation. Presenting students with real-life case studies or scenarios allows them to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations, promoting deeper understanding and critical analysis. Incorporating hands-on activities, simulations, or experiments into lessons encourages active participation and reinforces learning through experience.


tutor\'s specialty areas
  • Biological Sciences
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Graphic Designing
tutor\'s teaching philosophy.

Student-Centered Approach:*

- Prioritize the needs and learning styles of individual students.
- Tailor teaching methods and materials to suit each student's strengths and weaknesses.
- Encourage active participation and self-directed learning.

Cultivation of Critical Thinking:*
- Emphasize the development of critical thinking skills over rote memorization.
- Encourage students to ask questions, analyze information, and form their own opinions.
- Provide opportunities for problem-solving and real-world application of knowledge.

Supportive Learning Environment:*
- Create a safe and inclusive space where students feel comfortable expressing themselves.
- Offer constructive feedback and encouragement to build confidence.
- Foster collaboration and peer support among students.

Effective Communication:*
- Communicate clearly and concisely to ensure understanding.
- Actively listen to students' concerns and feedback.
- Encourage open dialogue and create opportunities for two-way communication.

Adaptability and Flexibility:*
- Remain flexible in teaching methods and approaches to meet the evolving needs of students.
- Adjust pace and content based on student progress and feedback.
- Continuously seek out new strategies and resources to enhance learning outcomes.


Suitable Areas
  • Islamabad
    • G9/3
    • G9/4
    • G9/2
    • G6
    • G8
    • I8
    • I9
  • Rawalpindi
    • Faizabad
    • Shamsabad


BS (Environmental Sciences) Completed
PMAS-Arid Agricultural University

BS (Environmental Sciences) from PMAS-Arid Agricultural University Rawalpindi(www.uaar.edu.pk)

Pre-Medical (2017-2019)
New Kashmir Model College

Pre-Medical from New Kashmir Model College Bagh AJK (2018-2020) Obtained Percentage 80.00 %

Matric 2015-2017
Read Foundation High School Chatter

Matric from Read Foundation High School Chatter No.02 Bagh AJK (2016-2018) Obtained Percentage 81.00%

Computer Skills

Computer Skills I am proficient in MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), and Adobe Photoshop.

Work & Experience

Science teacher 20-02-2020 - 10-10-2020
Noor Academy Islamabad campus

Taught students of grade 8 the preferred subjects were sciences.As a teacher, you play a vital role in shaping the future by imparting knowledge, fostering critical thinking skills, and nurturing personal growth in students.2. Deliver interactive and informative lessons using a variety of teaching methods and technologies to enhance student understanding.

Science Teacher 02-12-2020 - 22-12-2021
Head Start School

I was working at Head Start school as a science teacher. Always design engaging lesson plans that align with educational standards and cater to diverse learning styles. Take an assessment every week and use different assessment techniques to assess student progress through evaluations, assignments, and examinations, providing constructive feedback to support continuous improvement. Establish and maintain a positive and inclusive classroom atmosphere conducive to learning, while effectively managing student behavior and promoting mutual respect.

ScienceTeacher 03-03 -2023 - 04-11-2023
Shaheen Academy G9 campus Islamabad

Playing the role of an experienced science teacher. Recognize and address the unique needs of each student, offering additional assistance and resources as necessary to ensure academic success. Maintain open and transparent communication with students, parents, and colleagues, keeping them informed about student progress, challenges, and achievements. Stay updated on educational trends, pedagogical methods, and subject matter knowledge through ongoing professional development opportunities.


Microsoft office
Graphic Designer
Pre O-level tutor
Communication Skill