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Are you currently in search of Pre O Level tutors in the vicinity of DHA Phase 1-2-3 in Islamabad? Look no further, as the Institute: Educationist, located in the heart of these areas, provides excellent tutoring services tailored to Pre O Level students. Recognizing the importance of making informed decisions when it comes to education, the institute offers a one-day free trial class to prospective students. This unique opportunity allows students and their parents to experience the teaching methods, environment, and expertise of the tutors at Educationist before committing to the program. With a commitment to academic excellence, personalized attention, and a focus on holistic development, Educationist is dedicated to helping students succeed in their O Level examinations and beyond. Pre O Level tutors near DHA phase 1-2-3 Islamabad

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Mr. Ajmal Aziz is a highly qualified, multi talented, versatile and experienced O Level tutor who has Qulified from LTTC ( London Teacher Training College), has a vast experience in teaching line for O Levels for the last 21 years. Here are some of the reasons why he is recommended by parents and students alike:
He uses modern teaching methodology using multimedia skills and animations. He is known as very funny and jolly teacher by his students who delivers knowledge swiftly. Teaching with fun is an art which has made him popular among not only national students but international students too.
You wont have heard about any teacher who does the practicals at home while tutoring where as Sir Ajmal does it in a very professional way. For example Crystallization , turning a dilute solution in to a saturated solution, titration, doing practicals for physics, like creating a rainbow, without a prism, making up a solar cooker, making a domestic telephone to teach sound traveling etc, also in bio creating a potometer etc. Last but not the least he is ready to blow your hats off by doing mathematics practically as in the mensuration chapter students are unable to visualize and imagine that what is being asked. So he would do a practical to make his student understand by creating and making a model.
These skills make him unique, distinguished and more comprehensive to the students. He is worth a visit.

Expected Fee
50k to 60k