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O/A level-ACCA experienced tutor Khadija Khaleeq SKANS Lecturer

Khadija Khaleeq experienced tutor for O/A level-ACCA

Proudly celebrate the outstanding achievement of your child, Syed Muhammad Askar, under the exceptional guidance of Miss Khadija!

Syed has secured the highest marks in all of Pakistan for the Paper Managing Costs and Finance of the FIA examinations, earning him a prestigious certificate awarded by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). This remarkable accomplishment is a testament to both Syed’s dedication and Miss Khadija’s expertise in nurturing his potential.

Miss Khadija’s exceptional teaching methods and unwavering support have empowered Syed to excel in this challenging domain. The FIA examinations, the first level of the globally recognized ACCA qualification, demand a deep understanding of cost accounting principles and their application in informed business decisions. Miss Khadija’s guidance has equipped Syed with this crucial knowledge and the confidence to put it into practice, propelling him to the top of the national rankings.

This achievement speaks volumes about Miss Khadija’s commitment to her students’ success. Her personalized approachpassionate instruction, and ability to unlock potential have made a profound impact on Syed’s academic journey. As parents, you can take immense pride in both your child’s accomplishment and the invaluable role Miss Khadija has played in this remarkable feat.

Congratulations once again to Syed and Miss Khadija! We are confident that this is just the beginning of many more successes to come.

Home-online Experienced tutor for ACCA MA1 MA2 F2 – Miss Khadija Khaleeq

Miss Khadija Khaleeq: Your Inspiring Guide to Mastering ACCA MA1, MA2, and F2!

Aspiring ACCA students, are you seeking an inspiring and effective tutor to guide you through MA1, MA2, and F2 exams? Look no further than Miss Khadija Khaleeq, a passionate educator who ignites a love for learning and empowers you to achieve your academic goals.

Why is Miss Khadija Khaleeq the perfect fit for you?

  • ACCA Expertise: As an ACCA Affiliate with two years of teaching experience, Miss Khadija possesses a deep understanding of the curriculum and industry best practices.
  • Proven Track Record of Success: Her 100% success rate and students like Syed Muhammad Askar, who achieved national distinction, speak volumes about her effectiveness.
  • Personalized Learning Approach: She tailors her teaching methods to your individual needs and learning style, ensuring you grasp concepts effectively.
  • Engaging & Interactive Sessions: Miss Khadija utilizes discussions, assignments, and regular feedback to create a dynamic and stimulating learning environment.
  • Flexible & Convenient: Choose in-person or online tutoring (Zoom, Skype, Google Meet) to fit your schedule and preferences.
  • Beyond Exam Preparation: She fosters a growth mindset, equipping you with the critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills vital for your ACCA journey and future career.

What makes Miss Khadija Khaleeq an inspiring tutor?

  • Passionate & Enthusiastic: Her infectious energy and genuine love for the subject motivate you to learn and excel.
  • Supportive & Encouraging: She believes in your potential and provides constant encouragement and guidance throughout your journey.
  • Empowering & Motivating: She helps you develop confidence and self-belief to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.
  • Patient & Understanding: Miss Khadija recognizes the unique challenges each student faces and provides personalized support and understanding.
Ready to embark on your ACCA journey with an inspiring guide?

Contact Miss Khadija Khaleeq today for a free consultation! Discuss your goals and learn how she can help you conquer MA1, MA2, and F2 with confidence. Remember, she serves students in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, offering flexible options to fit your needs.

Invest in your future, choose Miss Khadija Khaleeq as your inspiring ACCA tutor!

Home-online Experienced tutor for IGCSE O/A level – Miss Khadija Khaleeq

Miss Khadija Khaleeq: Ignite Your IGCSE & O/A Level Journey with an Inspiring Spark!

Hey IGCSE and O/A level students! Feeling lost in a sea of formulas and textbooks? Don’t worry, Miss Khadija Khaleeq is here to be your lighthouse guide, illuminating your path to academic success with her inspiring and impactful tutoring!

Why is Miss Khadija Khaleeq your secret weapon?

  • Subject Mastery: Whether it’s Accounting, Business, Economics, or beyond, Miss Khadija wears her expertise like a superhero cape, ready to conquer any challenge.
  • Proven Track Record: Like a magician pulling rabbits from a hat, she pulls out top grades for her students – 100% success rate, anyone?
  • Personalized Learning: Picture a custom-crafted learning experience, tailored to your unique needs and learning style. That’s what Miss Khadija offers!
  • Engaging & Interactive: Forget monotonous lectures! Miss Khadija brings subjects to life with discussions, activities, and real-life examples, making learning exciting.
  • Flexibility at its Finest: Choose in-person or online sessions (Zoom, Skype, Google Meet) – your schedule, your comfort zone.
  • More Than Just Grades: Miss Khadija ignites a love for learning, equipping you with critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills for life.

But what makes her truly inspiring?

  • Passionate Pyrotechnics: Her enthusiasm for subjects is contagious, sparking your own interest and motivation.
  • Supportive Superhero: She’s your cheerleader, encourager, and confidence booster, always believing in your potential.
  • Empowering Coach: Miss Khadija equips you with the tools and strategies to conquer challenges and achieve your academic goals independently.
  • Patient & Understanding: Every student learns differently, and Miss Khadija respects that, providing personalized support and guidance.

Ready to unleash your inner academic star?

Contact Miss Khadija Khaleeq today for a free consultation! Discover how she can help you transform your IGCSE & O/A Level journey from struggle to success. Remember, she lights up Islamabad and Rawalpindi with her tutoring magic, offering flexible options to fit your needs.

Invest in your future, choose Miss Khadija Khaleeq as your inspiring IGCSE & O/A Level tutor!
Summarized Profile

Khadija Khaleeq: Empowering ACCA and O/A Level Students to Excel

Are you searching for an exceptional ACCA, O/A Level, and IGCSE tutor in Islamabad/Rawalpindi? Look no further than Khadija Khaleeq, a passionate and qualified educator dedicated to your child’s success.

Why Choose Khadija Khaleeq?

  • ACCA-Qualified: Possesses in-depth knowledge and practical experience within the ACCA field.
  • Proven Track Record: Boasts a 100% success rate and has helped students like Syed Muhammad Askar achieve national distinctions.
  • Personalized Approach: Tailors lessons and teaching methods to individual learning styles and needs.
  • Engaging & Interactive: Utilizes discussions, assignments, and reviews to create a dynamic learning environment.
  • Expertise in Various Subjects: Covers Management Accounting, Cost Accounting, Taxation, Business, Economics, Accounting (ACCA, A Level, IGCSE, O Level).
  • Flexible Availability: Offers Saturday and Sunday sessions with timings customizable to your convenience.

What Your Child Will Gain:

  • Strong Subject Understanding: Master key concepts and develop a solid foundation in chosen subjects.
  • Improved Exam Performance: Enhance exam-taking skills and strategies to achieve top marks.
  • Boosted Confidence & Motivation: Develop a positive attitude towards learning and gain confidence in tackling challenges.
  • Personalized Feedback & Guidance: Receive regular feedback and progress reports to monitor and celebrate achievements.
  • “Miss Khadija’s exceptional teaching methods helped my son, Syed, become the national topper in FIA exams. I highly recommend her!” – Satisfied Parent
  • “Khadija is a passionate and knowledgeable tutor who goes the extra mile for her students. My daughter’s grades have improved significantly in Accounting.” – Grateful Parent

Ready to Unlock Your Child’s Potential?

Contact Khadija Khaleeq today for a free consultation and discuss how she can help your child excel in their academic journey. Remember, she serves students in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, including DHA Phase 1-8, Bahria Town, and other accessible locations.

Invest in your child’s future, choose Khadija Khaleeq as their trusted tutor!

I am an ACCA qualified teacher, teaching ACCA students for last two years. Due to my knowledge and experience gained from past, I am keen to teach and deliver my knowledge to students and help them to  build their bright and successful career.

Classes Taught
  • MA1 ( ACCA)
  • MA2 (ACCA)
  • F2 ( ACCA)
  • A level
  • O level
  • Online tuition to A levels students.
Subjects taught
  • Accounting
    • A level Accounting 9706 home-online tutors in Islamabad-Rawalpindi
    • IGCSE Accounting 0985 home-online tutors in Islamabad-Rawalpindi
    • O level Accounting 7707 home-online tutors in Islamabad-Rawalpindi
  • ACCA
    • MA1 management information ACCA experienced tutors in Islamabad-Rawalpindi
    • MA2 Managing Costs and Finance ACCA experienced home-online tutors in Islamabad-Rawalpindi
    • F2 Management Accounting ACCA home-online experienced tutors in Islamabad-Rawalpindi
  • Management Accounting.
  • Cost Accounting.
  • Taxation.
  • Business
  • Economics
Time Availability
  • Saturday Sunday and timing will be as per convenience.


  1. “Miss Khadija’s exceptional teaching methods helped my son, Syed, become the national topper in FIA exams. I highly recommend her!” – Mrs. Ahmed, Islamabad
  2. “Khadija is a passionate and knowledgeable tutor who goes the extra mile for her students. My daughter’s grades have improved significantly in Accounting.” – Mr. Khan, Rawalpindi
  3. “Thanks to Miss Khadija’s guidance, my son gained a deeper understanding of management accounting concepts and achieved outstanding results in his ACCA exams.” – Mrs. Malik, DHA Phase 2
  4. “Choosing Khadija Khaleeq as a tutor was one of the best decisions we made for our daughter’s academic success. Her expertise in taxation and personalized approach have made a significant difference in our child’s learning journey.” – Mr. and Mrs. Abbas, Bahria Town
  5. “Miss Khadija’s dedication to her students’ success is commendable. She provides personalized feedback and guidance, which has helped my child develop a strong foundation in economics.” – Mrs. Qureshi, DHA Phase 4
  6. “I cannot thank Miss Khadija enough for her support and encouragement. Her engaging teaching style and interactive sessions have made learning accounting enjoyable for my son.” – Mr. Ali, Islamabad
  7. “Khadija Khaleeq’s commitment to her students’ success is truly inspiring. Her expertise in financial accounting has helped my daughter achieve excellent results in her ACCA exams.” – Mrs. Hussain, Bahria Enclave
  8. “Miss Khadija’s passion for teaching shines through in her lessons. She creates a dynamic learning environment and provides valuable insights that have helped my child excel in cost accounting.” – Mr. Ahmed, Rawalpindi
  9. “I highly recommend Khadija Khaleeq for her professionalism and dedication to her students. Her flexible availability and personalized approach make her an excellent choice for ACCA and O/A Level tutoring.” – Mrs. Malik, DHA Phase 3
  10. “Miss Khadija’s expertise in management accounting is exceptional. Her ability to simplify complex concepts has greatly benefited my son, leading to improved exam performance.” – Mr. Khan, Islamabad
  11. “Choosing Miss Khadija as a tutor was the best decision we made for our child’s academic success. Her commitment to excellence and personalized guidance have helped our daughter achieve remarkable results in her ACCA exams.” – Mr. and Mrs. Ali, Bahria Town Phase 7
  12. “Khadija Khaleeq’s dedication to her students’ success is unmatched. Her thorough understanding of taxation principles has helped my child develop a strong foundation in the subject.” – Mrs. Abbasi, DHA Phase 5
  13. “I am incredibly grateful to Miss Khadija for her support and guidance. Her interactive teaching methods and personalized feedback have played a significant role in my child’s academic progress.” – Mr. Mahmood, Rawalpindi
  14. “Miss Khadija’s passion for teaching and expertise in accounting have made a positive impact on my child’s learning journey. Her dedication to helping students succeed is truly admirable.” – Mrs. Khan, Bahria Phase 6
  15. “Khadija Khaleeq’s commitment to her students’ success is evident in her teaching approach. Her personalized lessons and engaging sessions have helped my child develop a deeper understanding of economics.” – Mr. Ahmed, DHA Phase 1

With her proven track record of success, expertise in various subjects, and dedication to her students’ academic growth, Miss Khadija Khaleeq comes highly recommended for ACCA, A Level, O Level, and IGCSE tutoring in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Her passion for teaching and personalized approach make her an invaluable asset to any student seeking academic support.

  • Syed has secured the highest marks in all of Pakistan for the Paper Managing Costs and Finance of the FIA examinations, earning him a prestigious certificate awarded by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).
  • Student’s Global distinction in Management Accounting.
  • Personally got Appraisal awards as ACCA tutor.
  • 100% results
Teaching methods

I like to involve students in topic discussion, Take their review, give assignment on daily basis and make sure to review students’ task.

tutor\’s specialty areas
  • Management Accounting.
  • Taxation.
  • Financial Accounting.



ACCA 2023

SKANS, F8, Islamabad


FSC IN PRE-MEDICAL 2015 – 2017

Army Public School

Army Public School Nowshera FSC IN PRE-MEDICAL 2015 – 2017



FG Public High school

FG Public High school Nowshera MATRICULATION IN SCIENCE 2005-2015

Work & Experience


Teacher 1 Feb 2022 – Present

SKANS, F8, Islamabad

I am an ACCA Affiliate with two teaching experience in Management Accounting and Tax to ACCA students. SKANS School of Accountancy F-8 Markaz, Islamabad TEACHER Feb 2022 – Present • Develop and teach management accounting curriculum. • Assess student performance and provide feedback. • Stay current with industry trends and standards. • Mentor and advise students. • Engage in professional development. • Collaborate with colleagues for program improvement. • Seek continuous improvement in teaching methods.


Accountant Trainee. 1 Jan 2024

Baseline Practice Support.






Word And Power Point




High Achiever marks in Financial Accounting 2021

Appreciation Certification for Tutor Recognition, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

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