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Best top rated experienced tutor for FSc-9019 Chemistry in Islamabad-Rawalpindi

Testimonials for Ms. Ayesha Farooq:


  • “Ms. Farooq is an amazing Chemistry teacher! Her clear explanations and engaging teaching methods helped my son grasp even the most challenging topics. He went from struggling in Chemistry to achieving an A+ in his O Levels, thanks to her guidance and support.” – Mrs. Khan, parent of an O Level student.
  • “I highly recommend Ms. Farooq! She creates a positive and encouraging learning environment, making learning Chemistry enjoyable. Her personalized approach helped me overcome my fear of the subject and improve my grades significantly in FSc.” – Ali, FSc student.


  • A Level: “Ms. Farooq’s in-depth knowledge of A Level Chemistry was invaluable. She provided me with clear explanations, practice problems, and constant encouragement, which helped me feel confident and prepared for the exam.” – Sarah, A Level student.
  • O Level: “Ms. Farooq made learning O Level Chemistry fun and interactive. Her use of real-life examples helped me understand the concepts better, and her online classes were convenient and flexible for my busy schedule.” – Hamza, O Level student.

Flexibility and Online Learning:

  • “Having the option for online classes with Ms. Farooq was fantastic! It allowed me to continue my tutoring sessions despite living outside of Rawalpindi.” – Fatima, Class 10 student.
  • “Ms. Farooq’s flexible scheduling allowed me to work around my extracurricular activities and still get the Chemistry tutoring I needed. I appreciate her dedication to her students’ success.” – Ahmed, Class 9 student.

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