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Testimonials for Sir Munawar Shahzad – Parents’ Perspective

“We extend our deepest gratitude to Sir Munawar Shahzad for his invaluable efforts in guiding our son, Taaha Ahmad, through the IGCSE June 2022 examination series. Taaha’s exceptional performance in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics reflects Sir Munawar’s dedication to fostering a deep understanding of these subjects. Despite challenges in Mathematics and First Language English, Taaha achieved passing grades, a testament to Sir Munawar’s unwavering support.

Sir Munawar Shahzad’s teaching expertise and personalized approach have been instrumental in Taaha’s success. We highly recommend Educationist Home Tutors for O/A level, as their commitment to excellence aligns with Sir Munawar’s approach.

Thank you, Sir Munawar Shahzad, and Educationist, for being crucial partners in our son’s academic journey.”

Warm regards,”””