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Embarking on the O Level journey for History, Geography, and Islamiyat can be a crucial step toward your child’s academic success. At Educationist Home Tutors, we recognize the importance of expert guidance, providing specialized one-on-one sessions that navigate these subjects with precision. O level History Geography Islamiyat Home-online tutor in Islamabad

Hey future O Level scholars in Islamabad! Picture understanding historical events, grasping geographical nuances, and exploring the rich tapestry of Islamiyat with a dedicated tutor. Educationist’s personalized sessions, tailored learning plans, and a FREE trial class make this vision a reality.

Building Mastery in O Level History, Geography, and Islamiyat with:

Thorough Curriculum Coverage: Delve deep into historical events, geographical concepts, and Islamiyat principles, ensuring comprehensive syllabus coverage.

Interactive Learning Sessions: Engage in dynamic lessons that make complex topics accessible and enjoyable, fostering a love for these subjects.

Personalized Support: Receive individualized guidance that caters to your unique learning pace, strengths, and areas of improvement.

Convenient and Flexible Options: Choose between in-home or online sessions, providing flexibility that suits your schedule and learning preferences.

One-Day Free Trial: Experience the Educationist difference before committing, with a no-obligation trial lesson.

Home Tutors Jobs near Me:

Passionate O Level tutors, join our team! Shape the academic journeys of students while building a rewarding career. Contact us today!



“Professor Tanveer’s guidance paved the way for my daughter to top the FSC board.” – Mrs. Khan, Islamabad

“Dr. Yasir’s expertise was instrumental in Rehab World’s distinctions in O/A level Economics.” – Mr. Ahmed, Rawalpindi

“Miss Irum’s teaching elevated Fatima to world distinctions in History and Geography.” – Ms. Asif, Islamabad

“Dr. Atif’s sessions were key to my son achieving distinctions in O/A Level Physics.” – Mrs. Rizvi, Islamabad

“Miss Noreen played a crucial role in Uzair Irfan topping the Federal Board in FSC.” – Mrs. Irfan, Islamabad

Key responsibilities

Key Responsibilities for the Tutor:

  1. In-Depth Subject Knowledge: Ensure a comprehensive understanding of O Level History, Geography, and Islamiyat topics.
  2. Tailored Learning Plans: Develop personalized learning plans that address individual student needs, learning styles, and pace.
  3. Interactive Teaching Methods: Utilize engaging teaching methods to simplify complex topics and make learning enjoyable.
  4. Regular Assessment and Feedback: Conduct regular assessments to gauge student progress and provide constructive feedback.
  5. Effective Communication: Maintain open communication with parents to keep them informed about their child's performance.
  6. Adaptability and Flexibility: Be adaptable and flexible in teaching approaches to cater to the diverse needs of each student.
  7. Encouraging a Positive Learning Environment: Foster a positive and supportive learning environment that encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and a passion for the subjects.

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